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The REAL working from home tips

This is a very tongue in cheek blog post. There's a lot of excellent working from home advice...this is aiming to tell you how it really is as we all bed into our home offices for the duration.

1. Embrace the fact the cat (or dog, bird, hamster, turtle) will demand your attention at all times

Suddenly you're at home and your beloved furbaby can hardly believe their luck. They get to be on your lap/your keyboard/your shoulders at ALL times now. It may drive you up the wall at first, and there will inevitably be an awkward moment that they appear during a video call. But when you've been endlessly scrolling Twitter or had to plough through the latest TPS'll be glad of a little furry lovebug to snuggle.

2. Be prepared to build your home-working "office" anywhere

Not only are we not all lucky enough to have a spare room to work from, but sometimes it gets a bit boring. Be prepared to de-camp to the kitchen, garden or even...the sofa. I know, the thing everyone says you shouldn't do. But don't you know it's bad to sit in one place for too long? Treat yourself for an afternoon. Nothing has ever felt more luxurious.

3. Don't kid yourself about getting up at the same time and using your "commute time" to start the day You have the rarest of opportunities in today's modern life...another hour in bed. Use it! (Especially when the clocks go back)

4. Familiarise yourself with these terms...

"Fools pyjamas" - leggings, baggy t-shirt, cardigan or hoodie. Can answer the door or nip to the shops, but feels as comfy as PJs. Winning. "Soft office" - now we're moving into spring, we might get away with this one less. But some days it's too cold to move from the pillows and duvet. Bring the laptop to you on days like that.

5. Get strategic with the tea and coffee making

My other half has just been sent home to work for the next two weeks minimum. Winning. The tea-making (and drinking) opportunities just doubled! But what did I do before that? Made two cups at once, one in a thermal keep-cup with a closed lid. You. Are. Welcome.

And a bonus top tip...let's use this rarest of opportunities to slow down, reconnect and re-evaluate what's important. With no commuting time (and recommendations not to go to restaurants) we can enjoy more home-cooked meals - together round the table. If everyone's home all weekend, turn the TV and phones off and play a board game. With the weather getting better, go outside and have a coffee in the garden. Be kind, be strong and be safe.

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