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What’s the difference between Community Fundraising and Public Fundraising?

This was a brilliant question I was asked during Charity Hour on Twitter and I was so excited to answer it.

Because really both are about empowering supporters to do what they can.

Community Fundraising experts are relationship builders and connectors. They have a skill for seeing opportunities, linking up connections & building relationships. Even more than that they empower supporters to do use their skills and networks to support their charity.

In short, Community Fundraisers are epic and I have so much love for Community Fundraising and everything it brings to a charity.

Now, looking at Public Fundraising. Here’s where the magic happens…

With Public Fundraising it's about taking all of that and going one step further. It looks across your fundraising department to find connections and opportunities within what your various teams and fundraisers are already doing.

  • Public Fundraising looks at your emergency appeal and says "how can the Community Fundraiser take our Individual Giving appeal and translate it for the groups that support us?"

  • Public Fundraising asks "what will inspire our event participants to want to become regular donors?"

  • Public Fundraising asks “can we use our audience analysis and insight to give us the starting point for our next Community campaign? We had no idea so many of our donors loved gardening!”

Public Fundraising recognises your supporters both as one large group…and also unique individuals.

Public Fundraising breaks down silos and the restrictive pigeon holes of “marathon runner” “cash donor” “volunteer” etc that we are so obsessed with pushing our donors into. Instead it recognises that our donors are individuals and if we can use our data, our instincts and our insight, we could inspire our donors to support us in so many other ways.

It’s all about making the right ask at the right time.

‘But HOW do I do that?!’ I hear you cry. Don’t worry – I got you. My next blog post will cover exactly that. Stay tuned!

Want to meet more fab fundraisers working across Public Fundraising? My Facebook group brings fundraisers working across Public Fundraising – and especially those in small charities or who are sole fundraisers – together to support each other. To connect with other fundraisers you can join the Facebook Group here.

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