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Guest host on Simon Scriver's podcast

Whilst Simon Scriver, host of 'Amazingly Ultimate. Fundraising Superstar Podcast' went on holiday guest hosts featured so he could enjoy a hard-earned break.

The Institute of Fundraising Special Interest Group responded, and featured in two Podcasts. Listen to me, Emily, Millie and Alice share our thoughts on two topics we feel passionate about.

Header image featuring the title "Being your authentic self" and headshots of Millie, Sarah, Emily and Alice

Being your authentic self

Prompted by a conversation about whether introverts can still be great community fundraisers (spoiler: they can!), we took that one step further and talked about how you can be yourself at work, but make sure you're not over-sharing or giving too much of yourself to your job.

Remember to take time for yourself too!

The importance of community fundraising

"Community fundraising is not the poor relation. Communities are what our causes are built on and should always be at the heart of what we do. Community Fundraising builds relationships & opens doors." We discuss this, and poignant moments that show the impact of communities.

I always love chatting all things fundraising. If you have an event, podcast or meeting you'd like me to speak at, please get in touch.

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